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About Us

Welcome!  We are glad you have stopped by to visit.  Let me take two minutes of your time to tell you a little bit about our church.

South River Bible Church is a small, non-denominational church that humbly seeks to please God in everything we do.  We hold to the great doctrines of the faith such as the inspiration and inerrancy of the Word of God, the Deity of Jesus Christ, His virgin birth and substitutionary death and resurrection.  We believe in the Second Coming and a literal heaven and hell.  We believe that all men are sinners and that the only way one can be rightly related to God is through faith in the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

We believe that it is the responsibility of the pastor-teacher to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:12) and to “preach the Word” (2 Tim. 4:2).  Consequently, we teach the Word of God verse by verse in our services.

In the last few years some families have come to recognize the importance of families worshipping together.  We have been an integrated church since our beginning in 1975.  We take a strong position on the leadership of men in the home and the church. We do not have a Sunday School, Children’s Church, or a youth group. We do have a nursery for those under the age of two, but we do not require families to put their babies in the nursery. It is only provided for those who feel they need it.  We encourage families to worship together.  An outline and questions are provided for the children to help them follow the message. Fathers are encouraged to go over the passage with their families before and after the message.

If you are born-again and this sounds like the kind of church you are looking for, we invite you to come and visit one of our services.  If you do not know what it means to be born-again, we would be honored to have the opportunity to show you directly from the Bible what this means and how important it is.

Dr. Gerry L. Smith, Pastor