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South River Bible Church was started in 1971 and has been privileged to have Pastor Gerry Smith as pastor for over 47 years.  Throughout the years Pastor Gerry faithfully preached the Word of God and was focused on the depth of understanding the scriptures to equip believers.  As a result, many Pastors and Missionaries have gone out of our fellowship to minister around the globe.

After years of preaching faithfully, God has called His servant home to be with Him in January 2017 (Gerry Smith Memorial)

God then called Pastor Chris Lieb to pastor South River Bible Church.  He grew up in the church and was mentored and equipped by Pastor Gerry.  Chris was then called by God to be a missionary for 18 years.  After ministering for 18 years on the mission field, the Lord called Chris to return to Pastor South River Bible Church as of April 2017.  The church continues to equip believers for the work of the ministry.