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Followers of Christ +Wednesday Evening

*Dates are YYMMDD format.

191023-Followers of Christ 1_audio

191023-Followers of Christ 1_notes

191106-Followers of Christ 2_audio

191106-Followers of Christ 2_notes

191113-Followers of Christ 3_audio

191113-Followers of Christ 3_notes

No audio for Followers of Christ 4

191120-Followers of Christ 4_ notes

191204-Followers of Christ 5_audio

111204-Followers of Christ 5_notes

191211-Biblical Principles for Prayer-John Plasterer_audio

200101-Look back on His Blessings_audio

200108-Followers of Christ 6_audio

200108-Followers of Christ 6_notes

200115-Followers of Christ 7_audio

200115-Followers of Christ 7_notes

200122-Followers of Christ 8_audio

200122-Followers of Christ 8_notes-

200129-Followers of Christ 9_audio

200129-Followers of Christ 9_notes

200205-Psalm 23 (Tommy Coale)_audio

200212-Followers of Christ 10_audio

200212-Followers of Christ 10_notes

200219-Followers of Christ 11_audio

200219-Followers of Christ 11_notes

200226-Followers of Christ 12_audio

200226-Followers of Christ 12_notes

200304-Followers of Christ 13_audio

200304-Followers of Christ 13_notes

200311-Followers of Christ 14_audio

200318-Followers of Christ 15_audio


200617-Unrespectable Sins_audio

200624-Unrespectable Sins 2_audio

200701-Todays Issues_audio

200708-Sharing Our faith Q&A_audio

200715-Principles of sharing the Gospel- Stephen Plasterer_audio

200722-Sharing our Faith_audio

200805-Fear of the Lord_audio

200812-Gods Comfort_audio

200823-Honoring God_audio


200909-Secrets of Happiness_audio

200916-Happiness- Sermon on the mount_audio

200923-Secrets to being Happy_audio