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* Dates are in YYMMDD format.

180516- Intro to Theology Part 1_audio

180516-Intro to Theology Part 1_handout

180523-Intro to Theology Part 2_audio

180523-Intro to Theology Part 2_handout

180530- Doctrine of Scripture 1_audio

180530-Doctrine of  Scripture 1_handout

180606-Doctrine of Scripture 2_audio

180606-Doctrine of Scripture 2_handout

180613-Doctrine of Scripture 3_audio

180613-Doctrine of Scripture 3_handout

180620-Doctrine of Scripture 4_audio

180620-Doctrine of Scripture 4_handout

180627-Doctrine of God 1_audio

180627-Doctrine of God 1_handout

180711-Doctrine of God 2_audio

180711-Doctrine of God 2_handout

180718-Doctrine of God 3_audio

180718-Doctrine of God 3_handout

180725-Doctrine of God 4_audio

180801-Doctrine of God 4 cont._audio

180725-Doctrine of God 4_handout

180808-Doctrine of God 5_audio

180808-Doctrine of God 5_handout

180815-Doctrine of God 6_audio

180815-Doctrine of God 6_handout

180822-Doctrine of Christ_audio

180822-Doctrine of Christ_handout

180829-Doctrine of Christ 2_audio

180829-Doctrine of Christ 2_handout

180905-Doctrine of Christ 3_audio

180905-Doctrine of Christ 3 cont._audio

180905-Doctrine of Christ 3_handout

180912-Doctrine of Christ 4_audio

180912-Doctrine of Christ 4_handout

180919-Doctrine of the Holy Spirit 1_audio

180919-Doctrine of the Holy Spirit 1_handout

180926-Doctrine of the Holy Spirit 2_audio

181003-Doctrine of the Holy Spirit 3_audio

181003-Doctrine of the Holy Spirit 3_handout

181010-Doctrine of the Holy Spirit 4_audio

181010-Doctrine of the Holy Spirit 4_handout

181017-Doctrine of the Holy Spirit 5_audio

181017-Doctrine of the Holy Spirit 5_handout

181024-Doctrine of the Holy Spirit 6_audio

181024-Doctrine of the Holy Spirit 6_handout

181107-Doctrine of the Holy Spirit 7_audio

181107-Doctrine of the Holy Spirit 7_handout

181128-Angelology 1_audio

181128-Angelology 1_handout

181205-Angelology 2_audio

181205-Angelology 2-Handout

181212-Angelology 3_audio

181226- Review of Doctrines_audio

181226-Review of Doctrines_handout

190102-Doctrine of Man 1_audio

190102-Doctrine of Man 1-Handout

190109-Doctrine of Man 2_audio

190109-Doctrine of Man 2_handout

190116-Doctrine of Man 3 was not recorded

190116-Doctrine of Man 3_handout

190123-Doctrine of Man 4_audio

190123-Doctrine of Man 4_handout

190130-Doctrine of Man 5_handout

190213-Doctrine of Sin 1_audio

190227-Doctrine of Sin 1_notes

190227-Doctrine of Sin 2_audio

190227-Doctrine of Sin 2_notes

190306-Doctrine of Sin 3_audio

190306-Doctrine of Sin 3_Notes

190313-Doctrine of Sin 4_audio

190313-Doctrine of Sin 4_notes

190320-Doctrine of Salvation 1_audio

190320-Doctrine of Salvation 1_notes

190327-Doctrine of Salvation 2 was not recorded

190327-Doctrine of Salvation 2_notes

190403-Doctrine of Salvation 3_audio

190403-Doctrine of Salvation 3_notes

190410-Doctrine of Salvation 4_audio

190410-Doctrine of Salvation 4_notes

19417-Doctrine of Salvation 5_audio

190417-Doctrine of Salvation 5_notes

190529-The Church_audio

190529-Doctrine of Church 1_notes

190605-The Church 2_audio

190605-Doctrine of Church 2_notes

190612-The Church 3_audio

190612-Doctrine of Church 3_notes

190619-The Church 4_audio

190619-Doctrine of Church 4_notes

190626-The Church 5_audio

190626-Doctrine of Church 5_notes

190710-The Church 6_audio

190710-Doctrine of Church 6_notes

190717-The Church 7_audio

190716-Doctrine of Church 7_notes

190724-The Church 8_audio

190724-Doctrine of Church 8_notes

190731-Living Epistles-Jim Durkin_audio

190807-Doctrine of Church 9_audio

190807-Doctrine of Church 9_notes

190814-No Audio available

190814- The Church of Ephesus_ notes

190821-The Church at Smyrna_audio

190821-The Church at Smyrna_notes

190828-TheChurch at Pergamos_notes

190904-Church at Thyatira_audio

190904-TheChurch at Thyatira_notes

190911-Church at Sardis_audio

190911-The Church of Sardis_ notes

190918-Church at Philadelphia_audio

190918-the Church at Philadelphia_notes

190925-Church at Laodicea_audio

190925-The Church at Laodicea_notes

191002-Churchs in Revelation review_audio

191002-Doctrine of the Church review_notes

191009-Systematic Summary of Biblical Truths_notes